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The Stature of Chinese Banks on International Markets

Nhai Phan Directeur général, Bank of China, Paris Branch.

The rise of Chinese banks in the ranking of world banks raises expectations and questions, but what does actually reflect the presence of these big banks among the international leaders? Initially, the transformation of Chinese banks has gone through the consolidation of assets, the contribution of capital from the state and strategic investors and the entry of several of these banks on the stock market. The establishment of the CBRC has confirmed plans to build a controlled banking system and promoting the adoption of internationals principles and standards.

Chinese banks appear in the rankings of major global banks and win ranks each year. But their presence in these rankings is more a consequence of the size and internal growth of China than a real internationalization already established. Indeed, the current strategic model of Chinese banks is turned to the growth of China and to a key role in financing the economy.

However, relatively less unaffected by the recent crisis, Chinese companies and banks are now tempted by a greater internationalization. Chinese investment abroad growing, Chinese banks must also focus on creating a global network able to support the internationalization of Chinese multinationals companies. Moreover, a Chinese financial strategy is being implemented to give an international dimension to its currency, develop its financial market and boost its banking system. These areas of development will be vectors of the internationalization of Chinese banks in the coming years.

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