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Private Equity in China

Isabelle Bouillot Président et Managing Partner, fonds d’investissement China Equity Links.

In China, private equity began to rise in 2004-2005. Despite the crisis, the industry reached new highs in 2010. Nevertheless, the two last years have seen important fundraisings on the domestic market coupled with significant investments in mainland China. But the industry still lacks maturity and faces two main challenges: the need of a secondary market as an alternative to IPOs and an improved link with the credit market, mainly for for M&A and build-up operations that increase the allocation of capital in the economy.

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1   Sauf indication contraire, les statistiques présentées dans cet article émanent de Asia Private Equity Review, organe de presse qui fait autorité dans la zone, nonobstant la difficulté de la collecte de statistiques fiables.

2   Non compris les allocations Chine des fonds panasiatiques.

3   Investissement : 9,8 Md$ (source : APER) ; PNB : 5,87 Md$.

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