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Economic and Financial Mechanisms Related to Long Term Care Insurance: An Exploratory Analysis Thanks to Banking Data

Maximilien Nayaradou Pôle de compétitivité Finance Innovation. Contact :
Sébastien Nouet Léonard de Vinci Pôle Universitaire Research Center, 92916 Paris La Défense ; membre de l'Institut des actuaires. Contact :
Manuel Plisson Chief Economist and Actuary, Fondation Médéric Alzheimer ; chercheur associé, Laboratoire d'économie de Dauphine (LEDa-LEGOS), université Paris-Dauphine. Contact :

The understanding of economic and financial mechanisms related to coverage needs thanks to private long term care insurance products, has now become a concern for the area of sector of bank and insurance. This concern is reinforced by the current questions about the evolution of public pension system and public long-term care. Banks and distributors must therefore identify the expectations and motivations of their different customer profiles to help further develop this high-potential market. This paper attempts to address this concern through a study which breaks down into two parts: a preliminary and descriptive component based on the exploratory analysis of a national banking portfolio, then a second economic and financial aspect to surmise the key mechanisms about insurance choices and effective coverages associated with these insurance products, accompanying themselves to a comparison with the different works on sub - European and American samples.

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