CNP Assurances' Know-How in Brazil

Philippe Boyancé CNP Assurances. Contact :
Xavier Larnaudie-Eiffel CNP Assurances. Contact :

The settlement of CNP Assurances in Brazil is a success. Beyond mastering the valuation techniques of insurance companies, through which CNP won the 2001 bidding for the acquisition of Caixa Seguradora, many factors played a part in this achievement. The first of these is two partners (CNP Assurances and the public bank CAIXA) sharing the same values with a common ambition towards sustainable development. To achieve a net profit of R $ 1.9 billion in 2015 and to reach 4th place in terms of market share, the Brazilian subsidiary was restructured shortly after the acquisition, then renovated its products range. In 15 years, the branch has not only increased its presence in the partner's network by building on the very strong CAIXA brand in Brazil, but also conquered new customers beyond the bank's network, at the same time by launching new products and by external growth operations. Today, the clarity of its governance and the rigor of its control allow it to stay clear from the politico-financial scandals that rocks Brazil. Although affected by the Brazilian recession, partly due to its scandals, CNP Assurances, while remaining confident in its activities' potential in Brazil, is sailing towards the digital market's conquest with the first 100% digital platform in Brazil.

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