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The Cover of Cyber Risk

Sébastien HEON ** Directeur adjoint Cyber Solutions, SCOR. Contact :
Didier PARSOIRE * Directeur Cyber Solutions, SCOR. Contact :

Digitization of the economy is a factor of progress but also brings a lot of new risks, cybercrime and other forms of cyber-attacks, which come to erode its benefits. While the arsenal of IT security tools and services is developing to counter the attacks, businesses are struggling to quantify the impacts. In a geopolitical and economic context favorable to attackers, States are becoming aware of the risks and develop more comprehensive regulations.

The cyber-insurance market is under construction and its products in the adjustment phase. While it enjoys sustained growth, it meets the ignorance of an emerging and evolving risk and the potential for cyber-catastrophes that both impede the reinsurance offer. Sound risk management by the insured, proper regulatory environment and development of expertise among insurers and reinsurers are the conditions for this market to reach maturity.

Beyond its mere coverage, the cyber peril is indicative of the coming transformations in the risk landscape of the insurance and reinsurance market.

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