Getting Banks Out of Tax Havens

C hristian CHAVAGNEUX Éditorialiste au mensuel Alternatives économiques ; auteur avec Ronen Palan de Les paradis fiscaux (La Découverte, 4e édition, 2017).

The repeated tax scandals (Panama and Paradise papers, etc.), the information they have to disclose as well as recent academic studies show how closely banks are tied to tax havens. They use them for themselves and play the role of intermediaries for the users of these territories. Beyond tax aspects, the activities they develop there feed international financial instability. Serving the most powerful players (individuals and companies), they contribute to the reinforcement of inequalities.

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Et l'on oublie que lorsqu'une entreprise réduit artificiellement ses profits, c'est autant de participation en moins pour ses salariés. Un coût qui n'est pas estimé.

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