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Banking Offer and Territorial Financing through Regional Cooperative Banks : the Case of Languedoc-Roussillon Caisse d'Épargne

Valérie COMBES-SANTONJA Directrice de la Stratégie, Caisse d'Épargne Languedoc-Roussillon.Contact :

Created in 1818, French Savings Banks are just 200 years old and  have always sticked to their initial mission, being anchored in their territories to support their inhabitants and the local ecosystem. The regional cooperative bank business model relies on a specific governance, a territorial-based activity and the use of regional savings to finance regional projects.  Being able to supply the very needs of all regional actors – households, companies, local governments, social and private real estate developers, associations… - it therefore provides a real economic added value. This business model enhances innovation abilities and backs the different players by providing new financial products and support during the different stages of their development. The case of  Languedoc Roussillon Caisse d'Epargne is an example of this specific business model.

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