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Territories and Mobility Funding

Yves CROZET Professeur émérite, Sciences-Po Lyon, Laboratoire Aménagement économie transport (CNRS). Contact :

France is the country of the European Union that spends the most public money for infrastructure and transport services (2% of GDP). Local and central administrations encourage a continuous growth of motorized mobility, which is more than 80% road, for both travellers and goods. The new mobility services (carpooling, two-wheel self-service, long distance coaches ...) only marginally change this reality. Innovations in the field of transport are therefore more often tax and tariff than technical. Thus, more and more cities are practicing or considering free public transport which means finding the corresponding financing. Since it is also necessary to finance major projects such as the Grand Paris Express and the maintenance of road and rail networks, it is now time more than ever to search for new public resources, despite the recurring upsurges of fiscal protests.

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