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Finance and Funding of Socially Useful Activities : a Perspective from « Located » Citizen's Finance

Pascal Glémain Maître de conférences-HDR, Université Rennes 2, LiRIS EA 7481 Univ-Rennes ; membre du Conseil scientifique international du CIRIEC, du Business Science Institute et du CERMI-CEB ULB.Contact :

Citizens' Finance (solidarity-based and crowdfunding) are localized finance concerned with the local development model. They are in a cooperative dynamic with the local government (Région), but not an alternative to the public financing system. They are working with the local units of cooperative banks but try to promote new issues of local financing in order to sustain social-based utility territorial projects or projects promoting the territory building. We wish to develop, through this research paper, a critical analysis about those financial products and actors of the Citizen's Finance, both solidarity-based and crowd-based, a thought about their capability to get a return on their « autochtonous capital ». Therefore, we enlist some back and forth « theory/fieldwork » in order to have a better understanding of this citizen financial economy for financing the local development, expanding since 1980's not only in France, but in the EU and all over the world, in the Social Economy Model.

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