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Dependence and Franchise

Pierre Pestieau ** Université de Liège, CORE et TSE. Contact : recherche a été menée dans le cadre du projet de recherche CRESUS (Belspo) et de la « Chaire Marché des risques et création de valeur » de la FdR/SCOR.
Justina KLIMAVICIUTE * Universités de Liège et de Vilnius. Contact :

In this article, we present several formulas that insurance companies could adopt to repay the costs of dependency. The two most common formulas are the lump-sum formula of paying a fixed and permanent annuity and the indemnity formula which consists of reimbursing a ceiling for all expenses incurred during a certain period. Neither of these two formulas avoids that in case of long dependence the insured does not spend all his wealth, or even depend on his children. To cover this risk of long-term dependence, we recommend applying the principle of deductible that beyond a certain period of dependence, all costs would be reimbursed by the insurer.

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1   Valeur du point de pension complémentaire.

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