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Cyber Risk Price

Sébastien HEON ** Directeur adjoint Cyber Solutions, SCOR. Contact :
Didier PARSOIRE * Directeur Cyber Solutions, SCOR. Contact :

In an increasingly digital economy, Cyber risks are growing. Faced with the multitude of vulnerabilities and attack techniques, any quantitative approach to this risk must rely on invariants such as the nature of the consequences for corporations or the motivation of the attackers. Expertise in cyber-security is needed to build a methodological framework capable of integrating these risk determinants but also to overcome the lack of experience and to build a forward-looking approach to adapt to the constant developments in the battlefield of cybernetic warfare.

The digital industry seems to push back the limits of the network effect. The concentration of the players, the standardization of the products and the connectivity of the activities create the conditions for risk accumulation on a large scale. Insurers and reinsurers are thus faced with the pressing need to model this catastrophe risk and must in a few years walk a path that has taken decades for natural risks.

Whether the cyber risk is individual or catastrophic, the insurance industry must create the price signal necessary to reorient the purchasing or usage patterns of economic agents, and in so doing, foster the development of the security and diversity necessary for the sustainability of a digitized economy.

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