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Why Is Mutuality a Modern and Efficient Form of Organisational Structure?

Nicolas THÉRY * Président, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale. Contact :

Mutuality emerged in the 19th century to fund and facilitate industrial and social revolution and contribute to the emancipation of the masses, and it remains just as relevant today. By applying the three core principles of the cooperative model – freedom, responsibility and mutual support – to the world of banking, it has proven its ability to reconcile democracy with investment, collective impetus with individual initiative, financial performance with social responsibility, and everyday quality of service with a responsible long-term view.

The new strategic plan being introduced by Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale aligns perfectly with these principles and is structured around three key priorities: set the benchmark for relationship banking in a digital world (by using technology to build closer human relationships rather than replace them, and by asserting our regional roots), be a bank committed and relevant to the new world (in the sense of building sustainable, protective and respectful relationships with customers and members, and accepting our social and environmental responsibilities), and be an innovative, multi-service bank (by meeting all the needs of our customers and developing services that facilitate and streamline customer journeys). All of which underline the fact that mutuality today is more relevant than ever.

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