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Asset Management Serving Mutual Ambitions

Jean-Pierre GRIMAUD * Directeur général, Groupe OFI. Contact :

In an environment marked by radical changes; asset management companies must be able to provide mutual insurers with asset management and related services that are both efficient and respectful of their values. This expertise must be offered within a framework of partnership aiming at proposing accessible financial solutions to all these institutions, whoever they may be. This offer should also provide them with technical and human means that are essential for the well implantation of these solutions while remaining in compliance with the principle of transparency enshrined in the Solvability 2 Directive. Thanks to a complete range of services able to cover the global perimeter of assets, mutual insurers can benefit from a certain uniformity of methods. This complete range of services also allows mutual insurers to have specificities of their own be taken into consideration while preserving their independence and autonomy. This respect of mutualist values should also comply with management solutions that are consistent with principles of responsible and sustainable finance (stakeholders and sustainable development). The support offered by asset management companies is based on the establishment and proper control of a value chain in terms of asset management and responsible finance. This allows asset managers to address the concerns and ambitions of mutual insurers.

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