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Digitalization as a Vector of Renewed CSR in French Mutuals?

Jean-Michel SAHUT * Professeur associé, La Rochelle Business School (Excelia Group) et CRIEF (EA 2249).Contact :** Professeur chercheur, ISTEC Paris.*** Professeur associé, La Rochelle Business School (Excelia Group).**** Professeur associé, IDRAC Business School, Lyon.

The mutualist movement is anchored in the history of the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) where via their social purpose it seeks to convey a strong societal commitment. In parallel with this movement, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has also developed to become normative. The reinforcement of these societal practices has highlighted the importance of stakeholders in order to benefit from their expertise, feedback and opinions in the overall dynamics of the institution. In the mutual movement members are essential to the good organization of the entity: by statute, members are present at all decision-making stages. The role in the mutuals is here questioned with regard to current societal changes: citizens seek more transparency, meaning and interactivity within committed organizations. The digitization of these same mutuals appears as a vector of reinforcement in the search for a better societal interaction with their stakeholder. Here, through two case studies (Diffuz for the Macif and Maif Social Club for the Maif), we highlight the organizational changes underway in the interaction and legitimization offered by the tools of digitization of mutuals with their members.

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1   Bowen définissait la RSE ainsi : « It refers to the obligations of businessmen to pursue those policies, to make those decisions, or to follow those lines of actions which are desirable in terms of objectives and values of our society. »

2   Elles appliquent le principe un sociétaire une voix.

3   Soit par une diminution des cotisations, soit par des remboursements annuels, soit par des garanties améliorées à prix constant.

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