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Is There a Future for Insurance Mutual or Paritary Organisations?

François-Xavier Albouy * Directeur de recherche, Chaire Transitions démographiques, Transitions économiques, Institut Louis Bachelier. Contact :

Non for profit insurance companies as mutual organisations or “paritary” organisations managed by workers and employers unions is often referred as the cornerstone of the European Welfare system and esp. in France. Since 30 years, non for profit insurance organisations have made huge efforts to comply with new solvency rules, competition rules and fiscal harmonisation. Meanwhile the development of Social security systems organised by the State has entered in direct competition with them and often prevented them from further development. Today it is hard to see the difference between an insurance company and a mutual organisation in their products, rates, solvency and if they want to exist not only as a curiosity. Is it a curiosity inherited from the social history? Or is it the future of solidarity? In the Museum of Finance, they should define a strategic vision in order to pursue a proactive development.

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