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The Mutual Model Has the Assets to Reconcile Performance and Better Common

Entretien avec Pascal DEMURGER * Directeur général, MAIF ; président, Association des assureurs mutualistes (jusqu'en juillet 2019) ; auteur de L'entreprise du XXIe siècle sera politique ou ne sera plus. Contact :

This article recalls the specificities of mutual insurers and the reasons for their success, which is largely due to a very strong customer culture deployed within the framework of an original governance model based on the customer / member relationship. While this model does not completely protect mutual societies from financial crises, the long-term focus allows it to decide out of financial markets pressure. Faced with the challenges posed by regulation and the appearance of TechFins, it is important for mutual insurers to maintain a size that provides great agility. The mutualist model in line the expectations of today's and tomorrow's society has serious advantages for the future.

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