Sylvie GOULARD Sous-gouverneure, Banque de France - Membre de la Commission paneuropéenne sur la santé et le développement durable (OMS-Europe)

Climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic share similarities regarding their causes as well as the responses needed. There are two-way connections between environmental risks related to biodiversity loss and climate change, and health-related risks. There are also relevant analogies between these dimensions, as some of the work conducted on climate-related risks can help set up tools in the field of health. In both cases, potential solutions can be envisioned around three priorities: enhance global governance, correct market failures to regain a form of market rationality, and make sustainable activities profitable through a greater complementarity between private and public investors. The recently created WHO-Europe’s Pan- European Commission on Health and Sustainable Development is an excellent opportunity to explore these avenues, following a “ OneHealth” approach.

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