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Publication of the REF 132 - March 2019 " Financing territories "

The territorial problematic and the growing importance of the role of local players are essential for a nation’s harmony and economy. The funding of growth in the territories, of their infrastructure, and of measures that favor better cohesion still proves today to be the foundation of a major number of economic and social policies. This issue of the Revue d'Economie Financière examines funding issues for the territories by starting with the big stakes tied to their development. The first section relates this funding to European policies and refers to foreign experiences. The second and third sections take up in turn the methods and constraints of local government funding as well as the strategies of the main funding players, particularly the banks and the Caisse des Dépôts. Finally, the last section highlights the sectoral issues—health, mobility, real estate, and so on.


In this issue, the Review also publishes a financial history column devoted to the English banking panic of 1825 and the original means used to contain it. Finally, there are two additional articles, one on money as a common good and the second on the importance and necessity of a long-term investment policy for Europe.

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